About Me

︎ jamie.l.highlander@gmail.com

Jamie Highlander currently works in the insurance industry and finds the relationship between mental and physical health important. Her business background and work experience interacts with her design practice through experiences, clarity, and inclusiveness. She also uses design to capture her own personal discoveries within the environment when she consciously slows down, breathes, and reflects. During frequent visits to Green Gorge Park on Signal Mountain, TN, she noticed the space becoming simultaneously familiar while constantly changing within this short hike. This led her to create, Breathe, a double-sided accordion book, composed from the inhalation of gathering information and exhale in forms of both photography and simple line drawings. She hopes that her exhaling process of producing this book will encourage others to view the world through a slower perspective. Highlander obtained a BS in Business: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and General Management in 2014 and a BFA in Graphic Design in 2021 from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.