Quarantine Life  


Quarantine life is something that most of us are all dealing with as we weave through, now, the waves of COVID. The question of how to spend the day combined with others providing the answer to keep us sane is constant. The Quarantine Life website offers an easier way to organize the viewer’s day. We get overwhelmed by many lists provided to us from others and online, yet this is from the viewer’s own point of view. Through a series of open questions this website will guide the viewer to what they will decide to do today. The goal is to have this list be unique to where it meets the viewer’s stage of quarantine and what is best for them at that moment. The kaleidoscope feel at the beginning captures the unbalance of what is going on and how our emotions are being morphed together. The blue to purple colors within the pages brings the blue calming effect to the purple peace and creativity feel. Lastly, the ending page provides a calming relief of playing with the kaleidoscope while the viewer finishes thinking about what tasks they want to complete today.